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PV1000Touch5U - Portabel Full HD Inspelningsenhet

PVR med 5" Touch Screen, 1080P Full HD Inspelningar & 500GB inbyggd hårddisk

6 396,00 kr
7 995,00 kr Inklusive skatt

This DVR now comes with a 500GB SATA HDD and USB cable connection while other features of the PV-1000 Touch5 have remained the same.

Previous generation Lawmate PV-1000 models introduced featured processor that offered HD quality recording, adjustable FPS, for the first time integrated HDD in mini DVR and various other advanced feature.  

The new PV-1000 with integrated 500GB SATA HDD is capable of providing easily over 10 days of uninterrupted recording material right on the compact sized DVR.  There is also 5" screen that enables comfortable review of recorded video as well as easy to use touch screen commands.

PV-1000 Touch5U supports 3.3V digital cameras with USB in port as well as the standard Lawmate 5V and 12V camera in option. The USB Cable solution provides faster connection with camera, which includes less camera latency and visibly faster low light adjustment. It will successfully power any compatible analogue camera as well as CMD-BU13LXU digital camera model.

Main features:

  • NEW!!  Integrated 500 GB SATA HDD
  • 5" 800 X 480 touch screen
  • Recording resolution of up to 1080p
  • 5V and 12V powered camera support
  • Integrated 4400ma BA-4400slim battery
  • Compatible with Lawmate CMD-BU13LXU camera
  • Multiple resolutions and adjustable FPS
  • Multiple recording modes
  • Multiple levels of password protection
  • Integrated microphone
Upplösning 1080P
Batterilivslängd 3 Tim

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