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Point Blank Hi-Lite - Högpresterande Lättviktare

High performance lightweight

Our commitment to product innovation has resulted in the re-engineering of the HI-LITE™ Proformance ballistic system, available in the new sleek and comfortable SS2 carrier.

6 396,00 kr
7 995,00 kr Inklusive skatt

Standard Features:

  • Moisture wicking inner material helps keep you dry
  • Zero-drag, soil resistant microfiber outer surface reduces bunching and pulling under the uniform shirt
  • Integrated carrier design provides comprehensive protective coverage
  • Removable 2” waist straps provide 8-point adjustability – optional 4” straps available
  • External mid-torso horizontal zipper allows improved insertion and removal of ballistic panels and eliminates uncomfortable seams and bulges against the body

Options & Accessories

  • 5” X 8” Steel Trauma Insert
  • Additional SS2 Carrier
  • Removable Cummerbund
  • Front and Back Shirt-tails
  • 4” Removable Waist Straps
  • R20-D Accessory Carrier
  • Blade Plates 

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