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NVR8POE - Användarvänlig 8-kanal NVR
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NVR8POE - Mycket användarvänlig 8-kanal 2MP Full HD NVR med inbyggt 8xPOE

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NVR8POE brings you our sleek and stylishly designed iApollo Mini NVR, which can complement any modern contemporary home or a business with strong sense for outward presentation. It is able to record in full 1080p at a whopping 120 frames per second, with the added ability to allow you to view live footage in real-time. The large frame rate means you can slow the video footage down and still have a minimal amount of frame jumping. You can also have more frames to pick out intricate detail when wanting to closely scrutinise content.
Keep a close eye on your household or business premises either by a local monitoring station or remotely using the internet or via our latest mobile apps installed on portable viewing technology. It can be installed and used ideally, as an example, within toddler day care centres, where constant observation to maintain high levels of care is critical.
The refinement in design allows it to be quick and easy to install. One of the main features to help with setup is the integrated 8 PoE ports to power your IP cameras, which stops you having to buy a separate power supply. Plus with the latest Onvif ‘Profile S’ compatibility means greater integration with a variety of existing CCTV camera systems.
Key Features
• Up To 8 Channels With 1080P Real Time Live View
• H.264/Mjpeg Dual Codec Decoding
• Auto Detection Of Camera
• All Channel Simultaneous Real Time Playback,
• Onvif Version 2.0
• Support 2 USB2.0
• 8 Poe Ports
• Easy To Use
• Plug & Play
• 1080P
• Email Maintenance Trigger
• Email Snap Shot
• Bidirectional Talk
• Dynamic DDNS
• Smart Phone & Tablet Compatible
Hårddisk Ingen Hårddisk
Upplösning 1080P
Kanaler 8
PoE(Power Over Ethernet) 8

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