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PRIME Pro - Krypterad Kommunikation i en Säker Hårdvara

Krypterad & Säker Helhetslösning för Data & Kommunikation

14 396,00 kr
17 995,00 kr Inklusive skatt

Prime encrypted messenger on a secured hardware device

Need we say more?

360 degree secure communication requires a 360 degree approach. Prime Pro does not only secure your Prime messenger, but protects your entire smartphone from any software or hardware threat. Because secure communication is as strong as its weakest link.

Private OS - Our Private Operating System software adds extra layers of security, by not just protecting everything in the Prime app but on your entire smartphone.

Encryption - The latest high end encryption software makes sure your whole smartphone is secured and protected from any threat.

Smartphone - Safe communication without compromising on design. Our beautifully and Intuitively designed private OS works hand in hand with the provided smartphone.

360 degrees secured communication starts with dedication

No is the answer

No browsing, no personal apps and no server storage. No entrance for thieves and hackers means no exit for your personal data. Your secured handset with private OS is designed to do one thing only, run and protect the Prime encrypted messenger including your data.

End to end encryption, and then some

Zero storage means zero knowledge

Prime does not monitize or store your data anywhere. After all it’s impossible for thieves and hackers to retrieve what isn’t there.

Panic settings, or actually no-panic settings

Set a panic password that will erase all data from your smartphone. Whenever necessary just enter the panic password instead of your normal password.

Burned-on- read private mode

All the messages and files are ephemeral by default and self-destruct within 24 hours. For more control you can use the private chat mode where each message is burned-on- read.

Prime pro is the result of security and communication working hand in hand.

1: The Prime Pro solution includes a smartphone with a private OS on which the prime messenger is installed.

2: Prime Pro is a plug-and-play smartphone solution. We have everything installed for you.

3: To activate Prime Pro, just enter the activation code you received in your Prime Pro package and you are ready to go!

Thats it!

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