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PRIME Smart - All din säkerhet i en app

Kryptera data & Kommunikation med PRIME Smart App

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Mobile security threats grow bigger everyday, On the bright side, there's Prime!

Why use Prime:

Security - Layers and layers of the latest high end encryption protecting all your messages, files and notes.

Encryption - Your password is part of the encryption, which means your password is not stored anywhere. Your password can never be changed nor found. Even thiefs and hackers can never retrieve your password from your device.

Anonymous - Prime does not require a phone number or any other personal information. Therefore it cannot be traced back to the user.

Private - The revenue model behind free encrypted messengers is often found in data. We do not use or store any user data.

What you can expect from Prime:

Compatibility - Possibility to communicate through PGP email

Encryption - The latest high end encryption

Smartphone - Compatible with android 7.1+, Blackberry 10 smartphones and IOS (Q3 2018)

Safe without making concessions on functionalities - It all comes together in a beautiful intuitive design

Forensic proof - No searchable encryption can be recovered in data forensics simply because we don’t store your data anywhere.

No data recovery - Messages are not stored on any server and automatically destructed from your and your contacts phone within 24 hours.

No server logs - We don’t keep track of when, where and with whom you communicate so no one else can either.

But that’s not all:

Panic settings - Set a panic password that will erase all data from your smartphone. Whenever necessary just enter the panic password instead of your normal password.

Password encryption - Your password is part of the encryption and is not stored on any server. It can’t be retrieved, even if you happen to forget it.

Private chat mode - Use private chat mode for maximum security. In private chat mode no messages are stored on your or your contacts phone.

Communicate with your contacts knowing that all data self-destructs in 24 hours.

Share all file types with one or more contacts using a broadcast list with one simple click

Manage and create notes and files without leaving your secured prime environment

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