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EYECU3 - Slagtålig Kroppskamera med 4G/WiFi Streaming, Kryptering & ansiktsigenkänning

Slagtålig, militärklassad kroppskamera med ansiktsigenkänning samt 4G & WiFi streaming 

7 996,00 kr
9 995,00 kr Inklusive skatt

EYECU3 är en slagtålig och militärklassad kroppskamera som uppfyller tuffa militära och polisiära krav samt, unikt för kroppskameror, har en ansiktsigenkänningsystem inbyggt. EYECU3 kan krypterat(AES256) live streama högupplöst video & audio till larmcentral eller laptop som använder sig av QVIS CMS mjukvara. EYECU3 har även tvåvägskommunikation och kan användas för att kommunicera direkt med central. 

  • 1080p HD Recording
  • Live Streaming by 4G and WiFi
  • Two-Way Audio Communication
  • Android System and 2" Touch Screen

Qvis Body Worn Heavy Duty Camera is an ideal method of remotely recording footage whilst on the move. This camera is designed for high end level application in Law Enforcement and Emergency Service responses, providing evidential usage with the logging of date, time and location. A form of security and backup that provides evidence when it is needed most. 

This model offers full HD 1080p recording and offers live streaming via 4G and WiFi, as well has a built-in GPS module for the location of the user to be monitored. As the highest end model of the Body Worn camera, a facial detection feature has been implemented and with a 2" touch screen and Android operating system, footage can be reviewed on the go for faces to be reviewed and detected.

The Heavy Duty camera is ideal 'Backup' proving events did or did not happen and prevents complaints against officers. Also providing proof and aiding in complaint management when they occur. The camera itself is an excellent deterrent to would-be offenders and helps manage conflicts by sheer presence alone. With one touch to record, it is easy to capture incidents as they occur. With the video footage being watermarked with the date and time, being password protected to prevent accidental deletion, it is perfect for on the go situations.

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