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SpyPhonePRO - S9 Samsung med spionmjukvara installerad

Spy Phone PRO ger dig total övervakning av telefonsamtal, position och alla social media interaktioner, både text och ljud.

15 196,00 kr
18 995,00 kr Inklusive skatt

Get the best of both – Spy Phone and Spy Apps

Start monitoring now! Our Android Spy Software will monitor chats, for example, in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. It also logs calls, records calls, reveals contacts, logs SMS text messages, reveals emails, tracks the phone or device’s GPS location, records browser history, etc.

All Spy Phones come in the original Boxes just as they come from the manufacturer. The same is for the cables, chargers, headphones, manuals and so on. Spy Phones are ideal tools for parents to take back control over their children’s mobile phones, which are mostly password protected these days.

You have the choice over the Spy App provider you prefer most and we will prepare your chosen Spy Phone with the Spy App. Devices will be fully rooted and jailbroken for you. The Spy Application will be installed and configured, for you. 

  •  Call & Ambient Recording
  •  WhatsApp Monitoring
  •  Facebook Monitoring
  •  Skype Monitoring
  •  Viber Monitoring
  •  Monitor Pictures
  •  Monitor Videos
  •  Monitor GPS Location
  •  … and many more

Mer information om de olika modeller och funktionerna kan du hitta hos vår leverantör.

  • Spy on Address book

  • All contact details stored in the device address book will be tracked by the app. See details like address, phone numbers, and much more. Works on Android without root, on iPhone Spy App and iCloud without a Jailbreak.

  • View Call History

  • The Spy App shows the call history with all it’s details like call direction, time stamp, dialed number, etc. Call log spy is available without root on Android, without Jailbreak on iCloud and on iPhone Spy.

  • Track GPS Location

  • When ever possible, the application tries to get a GPS location for any event. You can also set a interval for the app to get the location regularly. Set up a GEO fence and define a radius in your account. You will be notified by E-Mail when the device leaves or enters the Radius.

  • Call Recording

  • FLEXImobile Spy applications for Android and iPhone record every phone call on the device. Incoming and outgoing phone calls will be recorded and send to your account. You can listen to the recorded phone calls in the browser or download the file and listen to it later

  • Messenger recording

  • Messenger Recording will record phone calls of the most popular Messenger Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype or Viber. The Audio file will be uploaded to your account and you can listen to it in your favorite Web browser.

  • Photos & Videos Spy

  • Spy pictures and videos made either by the native camera application or 3rd party Social Media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber and many more.

  • WhatsApp Chats

  • Monitor all WhatsApp messages and conversations with FLEXImobile Spy for Android, iPhone and iCloud. You can even track WhatsApp chats on Android without root, and using iCloud without Jailbreak.

  • Facebook Chats

  • Spy on Facebook Messenger chats with FLEXImobile Spy Apps. Facebook Messenger Chats can be read using our Android (also without root), iPhone and iCloud Monitoring solution without a jailbreak.

  • Skype Chats

  • Read all Skype conversations using our monitoring apps. Spy on Skype chats with our Android app without root, iPhone Spy App or our iCloud solution without jailbreak.

  • Viber Chats

  • Read Viber conversations with FLEXImobile Spy app for Android without root, iPhone Spy or iCloud without a jailbreak.

  • Telegram Chats

  • Read Telegram conversations with FLEXImobile Spy app for Android.

  • Spy on SMS

  • SMS are still popular. Spy on SMS messages using Android Spy witout root, iPhone Spy or iCloud Spy without Jailbreak.

  • Spy on E-Mails

  • Spy on E-Mails and read emails from the device. Android supports also IMAP or POP3 accounts. iPhone Spy the main E-mail account and iCloud will deliver all E-Mails that have been backed up without jailbreak.

  • Spy on Calendar

  • Get the appointments stored on the device. Available for Android Spy, iPhone and iCloud without a jailbreak.

  • Remote Settings

  • Change the Spy App settings remotely from your account. The settings will apply the next time the device connects to your account.

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